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PCB Layout Services Since 1982

Microtrack offers innovative, standards-based PCB layout services with consistent quality, attention to schedules, and reasonable rates. Now in our 33rd year, we design all types of rigid and flexible circuit boards for use in a broad spectrum of end applications. We provide circuit board layouts for every sector of the electronics industry, for customers ranging from individual developers to large OEMs.   With three decades in the circuit board development business, we have the expertise to handle layout projects of any size or level of complexity.

Design Capabilities and Applications

Rapid Response Layout Design

Design schedules for pcb layout projects are typically 7 to 14 days, longer for more complex designs. Quick-turn service with accelerated delivery is also available for larger projects. Checkplots are provided at critical milestones for customer review of the circuit layout in progress.   Board layouts are designed to ensure manufacturability, predictable electrical performance, and reliability of the finished electronics assembly.  We design for "industrial strength" with conservative margins for component lands, annular rings, current capacity, and electrical clearances.

Designs Fully Updatable- Anywhere

Products have lifetimes, and extending that lifetime often means updating the electronics.  We design boards to be updatable, devoid of hidden or arcane structures, with reworkable conductor patterns, and straightforward structure.  While we can't anticipate what changes may be ordered, the difficulty of rework is minimized by adhering to sensible layout rules in the original design.  We maintain a complete archive of delivered layout designs, ready for update on demand.   Delivery packages always include the CAD database files necessary for updates.  You are never locked to us as a sole source for updates.  Microtrack CAD databases are well-organized and easy to understand by any layout designer familiar with Mentor's PADS™ platform. 

Complete Fab-Ready Packages

We deliver a complete package of industry-standard manufacturing artworks, documentation drawings and machine files, providing all items required for bare-board fabrication, board assembly, and test.  We certify our board designs to be mechanically and electrically correct, and in conformance with customer specifications and applicable standards.

Post-Design Support

We provide responsive post-design support. Last-minute pre-production revisions receive priority treatment, and are scheduled for immediate start.  We are always available to answer questions, clarify issues, and can often suggest solutions based on prior experience.  We can also provide additional or alternate-format files to streamline any vendor's manufacturing process.

We Quote Within 24 Hrs

For new or revised circuit board layouts, please consider requesting our quote.  We will be happy to review your project, and are available to discuss your specific requirements.  A formal quote based on your specification can be provided within 1 day.